Top 3 WiFi Range Extenders on Market Now

It can sometimes be annoying to find that the wireless router does not have a signal strong enough to cover the entire house. This is an issue that faces most of the people and the best way to solve it is to get a WiFi range extender strong enough to work for you.

There are plenty of models available in the market today, but not all will work quite well. This post will outline the top 3 best WiFi range extenders for 2015.

Netgear EX6200 AC1200

This is a WIFI range extender that dealing with is worth. It has a great advantage when it comes to its flexibility and power. The most outstanding feature of this extender is that it uses Fastlane Technology. It uses the router dual band set up to come up with maximum band while using the other to communicate to your router.

The range that you will experience from its strength AC1200 is well and good, making a very good combination of range and speed. Setting can be done in a simple and quick way using WPS if you have it as an option or else you can activate a simple web interface. It possesses a five Gigabyte ports that can run any weird connection whenever you may prefer one.

Amped Wireless High Power WiFi Signal

Amped Wireless wifi extenderIf you are looking for something simple and better then you can look no more. You will just need to connect this antenna to the router for a signal instantly that goes up to twenty times more powerful.

Most of the houses will enjoy a full WiFi coverage within and outside once the unit is connected.

There is nothing like driver installation, no placement issues to work out, no device compatibility issues — simply plug the Amped wireless booster and the signal of your WiFi will be significantly stronger.

Linksys RE6500-FFP AC1200

It has a powerful signal on its Wi-Fi extender that covers a tremendous range and offers a great speed and at minimum price. The AC1200 Wi-Fi booster will reach most dead zone areas easily with either its 2.4GHz, 5GHz signal or from a weird connection from either of its 4 Gigabytes Ethernet ports.

Linksys RE6500-FFP AC1200

RE6500’s wireless dual band can receive information from one band and then transmit it to the other or use both of them simultaneously so as to offer a good range. It has an audio jack to an external speaker to help you listen to music on the network from any device.

WIFI Range Extenders : Bottom Line

If you possess an AC router at home and experience dead zones, you may require an AC signal router to maximize your range without speed reduction. You still will get a better signal bridging, relocating or even upgrading your router but it is by a far simple solution to just plug in a signal booster for the WiFi. If by any chance you have no device currently, it is much cheaper to pick among the best WiFi range extenders that uses N-band.

WI-FI range extenders are quite a number in the market, but with the above mentioned you can now be able to choose what to buy depending on your budget and the functionalities.