4 Simple Ways To Extend WiFi Range

As with any other device, no router is perfect, and we all have dead spots in our homes or offices that Wi-Fi signal does not reach. If you have just had that Wi-Fi network set up in your home and you are having poor reception problems in your bedroom, here is how to extend Wi-Fi range.

1. Find the perfect spot for your router

If you want the best signal possible, you will need to find the best spot for your router. Don’t hide it behind the TV cabinet, but let it out in the open and free of any obstruction. Plus, you need to point the antennas perpendicularly, and elevate your router if you can. Finally, make sure it is in the center of your home or office, so you have the best coverage possible through your space.

2. Use the latest Wi-Fi technologies

Do not rely so much on obsolete hardware as that can significantly affect the performance of your network. So you know, it is not just the age of your router you should consider, if you bought your personal computer within the last couple of years, you are likely to have at least 802.22n, so it should be compatible with newer routers.

how to extend wifi range

3. Replace the Antenna

If your router comes with its on built antenna, consider replacing it with a model that delivers more power. While some routers do not allow for new antenna to be attached, a good number of them do.

4. Watch out for interference

There are quite a number of devices in your home that can interfere with network traffic. Buy a wireless network analyzer and track down the sources of interference. Some of the appliances that could be causing the problem include; baby monitors, microwave ovens, cordless phones among others.

Top 5 wife Signal boosters/ extenders

All routers are only capable of broadcasting up to a certain distance; any further, and the signal gets weak. Thankfully, if you are planning on installing network that covers a large area, you will need a wireless range extender to help you boost your signal. To get you started, here are 5 of the best wireless range extenders you could go for today.

1. ZyXEL WAP3205 V2

ZyXEL WAP3205 V2
ZyXEL WAP3205 V2

Possibly one of the best on the market, not only can ZyXEL WAP3205V2 help you extend the range of your current wireless network, but it can also act as a standalone access point.

It comes with two Ethernet ports that make connecting of other devices unbelievably easy. It comes with a data rate of 300Mbps.

2. Netgear WN3500RP

Think of this device as connection city. It is not only capable of extending a Wi-Fi network, but with its LAN, USB and audio port, you can plug in a hard drive, audio system or printer. It is small, but what it can do with simply blow off your mind. This device is rated at 168.1 Mbps at a range of up to 120 feet. It also comes with built in antenna and can be plugged directly into an AC outlet.

3. Linksys RE6500

Linksys RE6500
Linksys RE6500

If you want something powerful and small enough to unobtrusively hide on a shelf, well, Linksys RE6500 could be it. With 6 x 4.2 x 1 inches, this model is possibly one of the smallest extenders on the market.

Interestingly, despite its small size, this device comes fully packed with amazing features; it is a dual band router that supports the 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless bands. It also has a pair of 3dBi dipole antenna that can be aimed or even replaced with more sensitive ones to add a little range and bandwidth.

4. D-LINK DAP-1320

Along with Linksys RE6500, the D-LINK DAP-1320 is another smaller wireless range extender you could invest in today. It is elegant and features a number of great things that you would want from your extender. It is rated at 300 Mbps and used only the 2.5 GHz band. Its side mounted WPS button can be used to automatically connect to your router.

5. Amped Wireless REA20

Although this wireless range extender is quite expensive and big, if you love doing everything on your own, rejoice. With this model, you can adjust everything from channel width and RTS threshold to the devices’ signal strength. Inside this device are several signal amplifiers that boost the incoming and outgoing signal.

On the back of this extender are 4 LAN ports and a USB connecter. It is rated at 199 Mbps and can work up to a distance of 110 feet Overall, if you want to customize it exactly the way you want, this is the right booster to buy.