Hawking HW2R1

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Hawking HW2R1This device offers robust signal-boosting and extending abilities. It re-broadcasts the Wi-Fi signal by over 450 feet, making it quite easy for use in any room to get a solid connection.

It is equipped with 5 Ethernet ports and 3 antennas – more ports and antennas than any other extender in the market. It enables you to set up an IP address, making it easy to manage it remotely.

Its physical ON/OFF switch also comes in handy if you need to save power while not actively using it. It supports types B, G and N of Wi-Fi devices and has a Data Rate of 1200 mbps. Its USB ports are 3.0.

The Hawking HW2R1 goes for only $129 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

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